Ganjifa Cards for sale

To encourage Ganjifa cards artists to continue in this Heritage Art - We are providing a channel between them and public as non profit activity.

                 Price: Rs.5000.00/- (Each Set)                 Delivery : 1-2 weeks for all sets

---- Sawantwadi make MOGHUL Ganjifa of 96 cards in Box are available

2)---- Sawantwadi- Navagraha, 108 cards- also standard item

3)---- Sawantwadi Dashavatara Ganjifa cards- round or Square, or white Background etc.

4)---- Bishnupur Dashavatara Ganjifa cards, 4.25" Round Dia, -no Box, 120 cards

5)---- Bishnupur Dashavatara Ganjifa cards, miniature, 2.00 " round , 120 cards- in

6)---- Sawantwadi- Aryadev, a facsimile of an earlier set- small size, Round, 52 cards and Jokers and Box

7)---- Sawantwadi- Maharashtra Figures, Round or Rectangular- my idea- 52 cards and jokers in Box,

8)---- NAQSH Gambling game of 48 cards-  Bishnupur, small size of 2 inches Dia. round in box.

9)---- Bishnupur- Naqsh- 48 cards- Rectangular, in Box. Same time.

10)----Navagunjara Ganjifa - 96 cards Ath-Rangi Sara, Orissa.

Can try early as this is the standard item- probably without box

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